Swimming Lessons NYC – Send Your Soon-to-be-Olympian to Avantis Swimming Academy

Send Your Soon-to-be-Olympian to Avantis Swimming Academy

Since the Summer Olympics 2012 have concluded, it has resulted in more people signing-up for swim lessons, others who are motivated to learn competitive swimming, and some adults who never learned to swim as a child. If you live in the Staten Island or Brooklyn area, or in New Jersey you should consider joining the Avantis Swimming Academy. The academy accepts youngsters, beginning at age four, to adults. They offer a wide-range of programs including beginners, intermediate, advanced, and competitive. For more info, click here: http://www.avantissa.com/.

The Avantis Swimming Academy works closely with each child, or adult. Their goal is to help each person to become a better swimmer as well as to become a well-rounded individual. They strongly believe that the program helps to develop self-confidence, endurance, physical strength, coordination, mental focus, commitment/follow-through, self esteem, and a great love for swimming. These goals are what can be attained from swimming lessons NYC and swimming lessons Staten Island from the academy.

You might have fond memories from when you were a swimmer at Avantis Swimming Academy. These memories are the inspiration for your desire to enroll your child in one of their programs. You remember the gentle and encouraging staff who praised you after your first swim across the pool. You also remember how kind and assuring they were when you were uncertain about going into the ‘deep end’ for the first time. This is what most people remember about their time at the academy, particularly the kindness, patience, and positive energy they instilled in you.

Another of your favorite memories, as a child, was attending the Summer Day Camp (http://www.avantissa.com/day-camp/register/). Each day was packed with excitement. This involved everything from your recreational swim activities to soccer and other field games. This is also where you first enjoyed going outdoors for an arts and crafts activity where you collected several rocks to paint. However, this was nothing, compared to when you were a few years older and your parents allowed you to attend the Avantis Sleep Away Camp. This was your first experience sleeping in a bunk bed in a rustic wooden cabin. When you look back to your swimming lessons NYC and swimming lessons Staten Island you realize how large of a role that Avantis Swimming Academy played in your early years. This is why you want your child to be exposed to these wonderful experiences you had when you were his/her age.