Swimming In Pregnancy

Swimming in pregnancy

Swimming is one of the best exercises that can help you stay fit during pregnancy. Swimming, along with some other exercises performed in the water will help you stay active, fit and reduce fatigue and exhaustion. I will also improve your mood.

The positive aspect of swimming is that it doesn’t put additional stress on the body and joints like most of the other exercises. In addition, swimming in summertime brings refreshment for the body and this is especially important for pregnant women.

In case you were a regular swimmer before pregnancy, you should know that you don’t have to change your routine drastically. On the other hand, in case you have not practiced swimming before pregnancy you won’t be able to jump in the water right away. You need to start slowly and be very careful in order to avoid any complications. Don’t forget to warm=up before swimming and to spend few minutes for stretching and relaxation after you are finished.

Swimming is a really great way to exercise because it puts the load on the major muscle groups of the legs and arms simultaneously. In addition, it is also a great cardiovascular workout and it will allow you to forget the weight of the body and the additional pounds you carry because of the pregnancy for a brief moment. This type of exercise increases the body’s ability to process oxygen, improves blood circulation and boosts body endurance and strength in general.

During the first trimester, you should swim at least 20 minutes every other day in order to get the most from these exercises. If you are suffering from morning sickness, swimming in the morning will probably help you, but in some cases it can worsen the situation. Try and test the effects on your body and make adjustments to make this experience more pleasant.

What’s really great about swimming in pregnancy is the fact that you don’t have to charge the routine as your pregnancy progresses. Swimming doesn’t create great pressure on the body and you probably won’t feel any difference second trimester. The only thing that could change in this trimester is the size of your belly and you’ll probably have to buy a new swimsuit.

Since swimming doesn’t require intense activation of joints and since the water protects the body from overheating, swimming could become the basic way of exercise during the third trimester of pregnancy. Breaststroke swimming is especially useful because it activates the back and pectoral muscles and these are the areas that are most affected by pregnancy.

Before you get involved in swimming during pregnancy it is always a good idea to visit your doctor and get an expert opinion. Most women are perfectly fit to swim throughout pregnancy, but it is better to be completely secure. In the beginning you can combine swimming with jogging or walking. As the pregnancy makes progress, you will most likely focus on swimming because this is definitely the most useful and most comfortable form of exercise.