Swimming For The Heart

Swimming is a natural physical activity, attractive for people of all ages and the benefits it brings for human health are multiple. Swimming can be mastered at any age, but according to experts the best period to start learning how to swim is during childhood. Different categories of people have different reasons why they should swim. For example, children and teenagers should swim because this activity encourages proper development and growth and removes any spine deformities. Business people should swim because swimming is a good anti-stress activity and it helps people lose weight. Finally, adults in general should be engaged in this activity because it helps people improve their heart health and lung health.

Swimming is a sport and activity that doesn’t require additional investments (equipment) and it can be performed in all seasons. During the winter period people can visit indoor pools, while during the summer there are numerous options like visiting a lake, sea, open pools etc.

As we have mentioned before one of the main reasons why many people practice this fitness activity is the fact that swimming is good for heart health on many levels. Let’s highlight some of the main benefits of swimming for heart health.

  1. To start with, swimming helps regulation of blood pressure. There are many people who are suffering from low blood pressure. This is especially true for younger population. Although low blood pressure is not a sign for some disease, it can lead to certain unpleasant situations and if it is left untreated it can affect the heart health too. In order to fight low blood pressure, people should increase their movement and increase their blood flow. Swimming is certainly an activity that can provide that. In addition, swimming manages and prevents high blood pressure too.
  2. As you are probably aware, the heart is actually a muscle. Swimming activates all the muscles in the body including heart. During swimming your heart needs to work harder and pump more blood to your feet and hands which means it improves blood flow. The ultimate result is a stronger heart.
  3. Finally, swimming helps burning fat and weight loss. Bad cholesterol and extra weight are disrupting the proper work of human heart and they also force the heart to work harder which ultimately leads to heart disease and cardiovascular problems in general.

Before you start swimming it is good to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity of this exercise in case you’ve been physically inactive for a long period of time.