Swimming Burns Cellulite

Swimming burns cellulite, improves immunity

Swimming is one of the healthiest fitness activities. It strengthens and tightens muscles, releases stress, protects you from illnesses and diseases and cannot lead to any serious injuries.

Swimming is the best way to cool off during hot summer days, so experts recommend spending more time to this form of recreation than sunbathing. Swimming evenly engages all the muscles and tightens and stretches muscles too.

Water creates greater resistance than air, so you have to try twelve times more compared to performing “dry” exercise. In this way, you are strengthening your muscles and you also release the stress and tension accumulated by stress. Recreation in the water raises the immunity, slows the aging process of the skin and burns calories. This is why many experts recommend swimming for obese people because it can help them get rid of extra weight fast.

According to e recent study, women who are swimming five times a week, reduce the chances of developing breast cancer for at least 20%. As you move around in the water while using your arms and legs your lung capacity increases, your heart muscles becomes stronger and the blood pressure stabilizes.

Swimming is especially recommended for people who have problems with their joints because there is no load when they exercise in this way. They can expect to become more mobile which is especially good for the knees and hips.

Swimming is recommended to everyone, from the first day of our lives until old age – to both men and women. It is ideal for rehabilitation after sports injuries, sprains, fractures and stretching. Water in particular relaxes the back muscles which are always tense when we walk or sit. This is a true cure for people who have to sit for a long period of time during the day and often experience problems with their heart health and obesity. If you regularly practice this sport, you can strengthen the heart muscle, accelerate blood circulation and improve overall health.

The more you swim the better results you can expect. In order to witness the progress you will have to swim at least 10 minutes without taking breaks. If you swim three times a week for half an hour or two times for one hour you will soon notice the difference. However, the most important thing is to know which technique suits you the best.

– Freestyle swimming is fast and demanding and it burns calories in the most efficient way because it includes all muscle groups especially the ones located in the abdomen. The back crawl is perfect if you want to get rid of cellulite from your legs and buttocks and it is recommended for people who are suffering from neck and lower back pain too.

– If you have problems with the spine, rely on the back style because it strengthens the muscles of the back, arms, shoulders and has only small impact on the spine. Simply swim between 5 and 10 minutes and take a break.

– Butterfly technique is technically the most difficult technique and therefore requires more effort. However, this is the most attractive technique too. It can be performed by people with strong back, shoulders and legs.

– Breaststroke is the perfect technique for women. However, if you are experiencing problems with your spine avoid this technique.