Swimming and Babies

Swimming and babies

It is scientifically proven that babies are born with congenital reflexes for swimming and diving. The following article will provide information for people who want to bring their babies to the pool.

During the winter period, the joint activities that you can do with your baby outdoors are very limited. Because of the wind and cold, parents often give up even from taking walks, opting for some other activities. One of these activities is swimming for babies.

Diving reflex

A baby is born with a diving reflex. When released in the water to dive, the baby will hold their breath and open their eyes. Over time, the reflex weakens and older children need to learn how to hold their breath if they want to dive, even though the reflex is not completely lost. Despite these reflexes, you should not leave your baby alone even for one second in the water because there is always a danger for the baby to swallow water.

Swedish scientists have conducted a research which included 21 babies, aged between 4 and 12 months. None of them had swallowed water or choked when they dived into the water. It is interesting that none of these babies was afraid to take another dive in the water. On the contrary, they all seemed to be very happy. However, we need to point out that you not try the diving reflex of your baby on your own because it could be dangerous.

Swimming reflex

A baby is born with this reflex too. If you put a baby that is up to 6 months old face down in the water it will reflexively start waving its limbs and these movements can look like real swimming. However, it is very important to know that these reflexes cannot prevent drowning in case the baby goes to the water on their own. This means that you should not leave them unattended even for one second.

Visiting the pool

Some parents take their babies to the pool even when they are one or two months old. However, during this period the baby’s immune system is still developing rapidly and it is still very weak. Therefore, experts do not recommend taking babies under six months to the pool. There is always a possibility that the baby will swallow some water and you can never be sure that the water is not infected by some bacteria that can seriously jeopardize the health of the baby. If the baby swallows contaminated water, she or he can develop diarrhea which is very dangerous in small babies.

If the baby is slightly older you can take I to the pool, but you need to be careful about the temperature of the water. The ideal temperature is between 82 and 86 F. If the baby starts to shiver even a little bit, take it out of the water immediately.

Take care of the safety

The most important thing in this case is the safety of the baby. You must make sure that the baby is not left unattended by the pool. Also, don’t swim while holding your baby – it can be very dangerous.