Swim School NYC

Swimming is truly great for you 

The value of swimming is great for people of all ages. Even if someone never plans to swim for recreation, it is imperative to know water safety basics in case of various possible scenarios. Swimming is simply a wonderful skill for recreation and safety and for those living in the Brooklyn area, taking lessons is easy and nearby.
When you consider Avantis for swimming lessons NJ and swimming lessons in Brooklyn, lessons begin from ages 4 years and up children can get an early start on learning this invaluable skill. The class levels offer a broad range for anyone at any point in their swimming. Each child is assessed upon their first visit to determine the appropriate level of swimming class. There are beginner, intermediate and higher level classes to serve people at any stage. More importantly than offering a variety of levels, your child will receive instruction based on their own individual means of learning and improving.
Avantis instructors pay attention to the rate of improvement of each young swimmer and tries to determine how best to proceed with instruction during each session to ensure that each child learns the well and thoroughly.Swimming lessons NJ and swimming lessons in Brooklyn are not only intended for the very young students seeking to learn and improve swimming skills. Adults at all levels will also find a warm and welcoming learning environment where they do not have to worry about learning to swim, or improving swimming skills, at a later age. You will also find plenty of classes tailored to suit adult swimmer’s needs. The professional teaching staff will be able to help the adult swimmer reach their potential with the group classes, as well as following the same philosophy of understanding what the individual student’s needs are.

People of all ages who take lessons through Swimming Lessons NJ and Swimming Lessons in Brooklyn will learn all of the proper techniques and skills involved.

If you are interested in competitive swimming, that is also available. You, your family member, friend or child can participate in a friendly swimming environment to help increase speed and nurture healthy competition in the sport.

Whether you have a small child or if you want to sharpen your swimming skills, you will find the right swimming instruction level for anyone’s needs. Call us today – 347-380-8777!