Swim Classes

Welcome to Avantis Swimming Academy Swim Program

This Program was designed and developed by Avantis Swimming Academy Focus Group of Successful Swimmers and Coaches under the guidance of Usa Swimming Coach Nikolay Shevchenko – one of the Founders of Avantis Swimming Academy. Avantis Focus Group’s Tremendous Swimming and Coaching Experience allowed them to create and share with others, their unique and effective swim program methods and techniques. Avantis Swim Program Consists of Three consecutive levels: Learn to Swim Program, Technique Development Program and Technique Excellence Program.

Learn to Swim Program:

Learn to Swim Program is created for novice or beginner level swimmers who will be introduced to the water. Future swimmers will be learning important water safety and basics of swimming drills and exercises in a timely manner based on their individual skills and abilities. This program gives an opportunity to learn, enjoy and have fun in the water for any age individual. Step by step instructions and support from our professional staff will help to experience only the best moments at the beginning stage of the swimming adventure.

Learn to Swim Program includes:

  • Private Learn to Swim
  • Beginner-1
  • Beginner-2
  • Beginner-3 Swim Program Classes

Learn to Swim Program is also available in our Day Camp Sessions.

Technique Development Program:

Technique Development Program is available for swimmers who would like to receive a base knowledge of all four competitive strokes and technique elements. This Program is a great foundation for any swimmer who either would like to enjoy the beauty of becoming a lap swimmer or get to the level of becoming a competitive swimmer.

By the completion of this program Avantis Swimming Academy members will be advised to tryout for one of the Best Competitive Teams on the Island – Richmond Aquatics Club.

Technique Development Program Includes:

  • Private Technique Development
  • Intermediate-1
  • Intermediate-2
  • Intermediate-3
  • Advanced Swim Program Classes

Technique development program is also available in our Day Camp Sessions.

Technique Excellence Program:

Technique Excellence Program is a great tool for Competitive Swimmers. Swimmers, who have knowledge of all four competitive strokes and base technique elements such as starts and flipturns, but need guidance and extra training in developing and improving their skills.
Swimmers have a great opportunity to implement advanced technique elements and learn the latest know how in the world of swimming.

The Technique Excellence Program Coaches have the expertise and knowledge, that allows them to see what needs to be done for every swimmer in order for them to reach the next level. This Program covers critical points such as getting rid off old habits, building new skills, excel to the new stage in swimming career.

Technique Excellence Program Includes:

  • Private Technique Excellence
  • Elite Swim Program Classes
  • Elite and Advanced Swimming Clinics

Avantis also offers Training Camps and Training Trips throughout the year. Contact us for more info!