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Recreational and competitive swimming begins with learning proper safety techniques. Avantis Swimming Academy offers exciting, fun-filled programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers. Swimming lessons NYC and swimming lessons Brooklynoffer programs the whole family can enjoy all year.Kids are naturally attracted to water. They like to stomp through puddles, cool off under sprinklers, have water balloon fights and just have fun. Swimming is a great way for children to make new friends and be physically active. Kids love it, and knowing how to swim opens up a lifetime of fun and adventure.Childhood obesity leads to health problems, and regular swimming is a fantastic way for kids to get into shape. Children as young as 4 years-old benefit from our programs for swimming lessons Staten Island.

Swimming is more gentle on the body than other forms of exercise. It gives everyone a workout while placing less stress on joints, muscles and bones. Swimming improves stamina, strength, flexibility, posture, coordination and balance. It’s a great way for teens and adults to store energy at the start of a day or relax after a stressful day.

Water feels relaxing and refreshing. It’s fun to float and glide through water. The natural buoyancy of water encourages exercising for longer periods of time, and exercise promotes general well-being.

The benefits of swimming go far beyond achieving top physical shape. It leads to higher self-esteem and improved concentration. Self-discipline and time management skills are developed. Goal-setting becomes routine, and leadership skills are gained. Our experienced staff helps each individual who comes for swimming lessons NYC and swimming lessons Brooklyn achieve their fullest potential.

Our staff observes the highest standards of safety. Each class is age appropriate and fun. Our instructors teach proper, effective swimming techniques. Success is built into every class.

Attending swimming lessons is a great social activity. Everyone shares stories and helps each other. This makes a huge difference in everyone’s outlook.

Learning how to swim can eliminate anxiety. Swimming lessons Staten Island has the perfect program for children, teens and adults. Check out our summer classes and year round activities.

Whether your goal is to have fun swimming or compete in competitions, our expert staff at Avantis Swimming Academy, AvantisSA.com, can help you succeed. Stop in to see our outstanding, clean facility at 1460 Manor Road, Staten Island NY 10314. Everyone is welcome.

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