Swim Program Rules

Avantis Swimming Academy

Rules and Class Rates for CHILDREN

Pricing Structure:

  • One of the unique aspects of our business model is a perpetual registration. Students can join lessons at any time. Lessons are ongoing, year around.
  • Our Sessions run on a two month cycle year around. Although there is a start and end data to each term, new students can sign up at anytime. After an evaluation has taken place, the parent receives an email about class enrollment. Parent decides how many times per week child attends swim lessons, and once the day and time is determined, it will stay the same for the duration of the session.

Class Rates:

Price per Class Duration Class Ratio Type of Class
$39.00 30min 1 : 1 Private
$29.00 30min 2 : 1 Beg-1 Group
$29.00 30min 4 : 1 Beg-2 Group
$29.00 30min 4 : 1 Beg-3 Group
$29.00 40min 7 : 1 Intermediate 1 Group
$29.00 40min 8 : 1 Intermediate 2 Group
$29.00 50min 8 – 10 Intermediate 3 Group
$29.00 60min 8 – 10 Advanced Group


(*) – Depends on the number of Saturdays or Sundays in Each Session

  • Payment Options: Credit Cards, E-check, Cash or Check. Payments are due before the 1st class.
  • If payments are not received on or by the 1st class, Late FEE ($10) will be applied.
  • If you need a receipt, please email your request to billing@avantisSA.com.

Annual Registration FEE:

  • Existing Clients: $25/year/student or $35/year per family
  • New Clients: $35/year/student or $45/year per family

Refund Policy:

Avantis does not issue refunds for any of its programs. Due to our limited enrollment, only medical emergency situations will be considered for a refund less a $10 processing fee. Any withdrawal from an enrolled session will be treated as a cancellation and is not refundable.

Withdrawing From Class:

We require a 30 day written notice, 30 days in advance of your desired end date by sending an email to ADMIN@avantisSA.com.  Please verify that we have received your request. Withdrawals are final. If you change your mind you must re-register.


  • Students who take more than one lesson per week, will receive 9% discount on the second lesson and thereafter.
  • Families with 2 kids, will receive 9% discount off the 2nd child’s class.
  • Families with 3 kids or more, will receive 9% discount per class for each child.


Make Up Class Rule:

  • To schedule a Make Up Class, please email your request to OUR ADMIN – MAKEUPCLASS@AvantisSA.COM.
  • Avantis does not guarantee the same instructor for a make up class. Instructors are avail based on Availability!
  • If you did not inform us in advance that your child will miss a Swim Class, you will not be eligible for a Make up Class!
  • You can’t send your children for a make up class without first confirming it with us. If it happens next time, we will send your child back home.
  • 2 make up classes are allowed in one session per 1 child per class!
  • Make up classes are good till the End of the Swim Season of Every Year!
  • Make up classes will be reviewed (case by case basis) and possibly converted to Credits (processing fee of $10/class will be applied to every make up class). 

General Policies:

  • You are NOT allowed to use JCC’S TOWELS or Sauna. If caught using it, you will be banned from the Facility and swim program. (JCC is making us follow these Rules!). Please help us!
  • For the privacy of all members and swimmers, no pictures or videos are allowed to be taken of anyone in the pool.
  • Please ensure that your children have goggles and swim caps with them. They must be on before the class.
  • If you are late for a class, your child will only swim for the remainder of that class!
  • Bring your child 5-10 min earlier for a swim class
  • What to bring: Towel, Swim suit, goggles, swim cap (if needed)
  • No parents are allowed on the deck during swim classes!!!
  • Remove all Band-Aids. We recommend using liquid band-aid. Please be considerate and use discretion with wounds that have not healed sufficiently.
  • Swimmers are not allowed to chew gum or have any type of hard candy during their swimming lesson.
  • Do not let your children enter the pool until the class is scheduled to begin. This is for their safety, and for the safety of the other children in lessons.
  • No food or drink is permitted on the pool deck.
  • Please do not bring a sick child to class. We ask, to avoid spreading the illness any further, that you wait until your child is better before bringing them to class. If your child has a fever or a contagious disease, please stay at home until the illness has subsided. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor for the proper course of action.
  • If Avantis must cancel your child’s lesson (due to teacher illness, facility repairs,etc.) we will notify you as soon as possible via email or phone call.
  • In the event a lesson is cancelled on behalf of Avantis Swimming, tuition is credited toward a future lesson.
  • If a teacher is ill/away, Avantis will organize a substitute teacher for the lesson. We are unable to credit you for a class with a substitute teacher.
  • No running, fighting, shouting or horseplay allowed while lessons are in progress.
  • Please make sure your child does not come to class with jewelry on.
  • Parents should wait when they picking up and dropping off the child in the designated area. It is located right next to the family changing room.
  • Parents can watch how their children swim from the 2nd Floor only.
  • No shoes are allowed on the deck of the pool! Only crocs or flip flops.
  • Parents must take children to the bathroom (changing and restroom needs). Our instructors will not do it!
  • Locker Rooms: Female Locker Rooms are for Females ONLY! No little boys are allowed! And Male Locker Rooms are for Male only! No Little girls are allowed!