Sleepaway Camp

Avantis Sleepaway Camp

Sleepaway camps are ample places where people get to acquire various life skills like self-reliance, self-confidence and social skills. They are also places where people can develop everlasting friendships and learn how to share responsibilities. A stint in a sleepaway camp enriches participants with the knowledge to succeed in life.These benefits are the epitome of Avantis Sleepaway Camp. Here, children leave with a transformed perception of life. The mission of the camp is to ensure that children live in a balanced and healthy fashion. After all, they are the future generation and it pays to invest in them.

Skills, confidence and memories; these are the three ingredients that define past participants of Avantis Sleepaway camps. This is usually through swimming programs that provide the added advantage of inculcating great swimming skills. This has made it the best sleepaway camp among other Sleepaway Camps in New York and Sleepaway Camps NJ.

The swimming classes cater for children of different ages and abilities. With regards to abilities, both intermediate swimmers and beginners are sure to feel at home. The lessons are usually personalized; the instructors fervently undertake individual lessons for all students. In no time, the beginners will take to swimming like a fish to water.

For kids to savor the thrills of sleepaway camps, they need to have access to modern facilities. Avantis Sleepaway Camps in New York and sleepaway camps NJ know this too well. This is evident from the presence of modern structures like physical fitness centers, tennis courts, basketball courts, golf center, archery range and amphitheater among others.

This coed program stamps it authority as the most phenomenal in New York. Nutrition is a key component of this sleepaway camp. The children enjoy sumptuous meals that are always well-balanced. With the well-documented effects of junk food, parents can rest assured that such foods are not on the menu.

Part of the checklist for the camp include sun screen, pillowcases, flippers, swim suits, goggles, pull buoys and rain coats among others. With these materials, Avantis Sleepaway camp promises an enthralling experience. Besides swimming, children will bond with one another through campfires and survival skill adventures.

The beauty of the camp is that it is affordable in relation to its wonderful packages. The registration process is a simple one that occurs entirely on the Internet. Here, prospective participants must submit their details like names and contacts. Thereafter, they can look forward to their children having an experience of their lifetime.