Recently we read an article click here by Dr. Gracelyn Santos which really got us inspired. And we wholeheartedly agree that, “anything is possible if you dream it, believe it and work for it.” At Avantis Swimming Academy we strive to instill these priceless values in our students. We want to provide children and adults alike the opportunity to grow as athletes and help develop them as individuals. The chance to participate in such a beneficial activity such as swimming or any sport should not be limited by social or financial restrictions.

It is often difficult to admit that certain sports today are dominated by particular races or economic means, but we bear witness to the truth nonetheless.

At Avantis our goal is to engage our child and adult swimmers to participate in a healthy and harmonious lifestyle resulting in success throughout all parallels of their life. Our mission and calling is routed to developing this program so that individuals can reach their maximum swimming potential with the help of our motivational approach to embracing challenges and cultivating the confidence, endurance, physical strength, coordination, mental focus, commitment and self-esteem needed to become a well-rounded person. These life essentials should be readily available to anyone willing to participate. We want to have a hand in nurturing the future and break boundaries and limitations.

Everyone is deserving of a chance to shine!

Thus Nikolay and I decided to launch a Scholarship Project. We invited few outside people and formed a committee which consists of the following members:

Nikolay Shevchenko – To learn more Click here

Albert Finkelshteyn – To learn more Click here

Dr. Gracelyn Santos – To learn more click here

Claudia Mclaughlin – To learn more click here

Here are the requirements:
The Avantis scholarship is offered to cover: 1 week of Sleep Away Camp and 1 session of Swim Classes in 2013. The scholarships will recognize 2 local Staten Island residents who exemplify the qualities of integrity, commitment to others, and community involvement. The sleep away scholarship will be in the amount of $970 and will apply to tuition; And Swim Classes scholarship will be in the amount of $250 – it will apply towards 9 classes.

1. DEADLINE for scholarship applications is Friday, May 31st, 2013 by 5:00 p.m. (no exceptions).
2. Scholarship is open only to the following children:

  • Staten Island resident (Recent Utility Bill is required)
  • Students with 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA
  • Students planning to pursue full-time college
  • Swimming Experience is a Must for a Sleep Away Scholarship; And Swimming knowledge is not required for the Swim Classes.

3. Scholarship process will consist of:

  • Written application, essay, 2 references, and additional requested documentation

4. Type or print legibly. Illegible applications will be returned.
5. If you have any questions about the application, please contact Avantisat 347-380-8777, ext.3 (Albert).

Click here to download the application.