The chance to participate in an Avantis Swimming Academy program is a once in a lifetime type of opportunity that you won’t want to miss out on. The primary goal of Avantis is to see children achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle that will cause them to be successful in every aspect. We truly believe that it is our mission and calling to develop a program where kids can train and develop their physical body to fulfill their swimming potential, be motivated, embrace challenges, have confidence and become the best that they can be with the help of our trainers. Our focus is not just on developing better swimmers.

We work closely with each child to help them become a well-rounded individual. Just take a look at all the positive attributes your child will build with the help of our expert staff…self confidence, endurance, physical strength, coordination, mental focus, commitment and follow-through, self esteem, and an undeniable love for swimming!

Here at Avantis, participants build memories, skills, and confidence that will last a lifetime and translate into everything else they do. With an achievement like completion of one of our swimming programs, you child will know they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.

Avantis is a complete experience that kids can’t seem to get enough of. You will hear the talk about it for days, weeks, and months afterwards. Even as adults they will look back on this time in their life with a smile on their face, wanting to give the same opportunity to their own kids.