How to Stay Relaxed Before a Competition

Relaxation starts much earlier before you put your swimming suit on and start swimming. Both your physical and mental preparation before the competition starts plays a vital role to your overall success on these competitions. After all, it is a well-known fact that is you are under stress or you have a bunch of unnecessary thoughts on your mind, you muscles will be more tensed, you will experience anxiety and eventually you will fail to provide the best performance. Fortunately, there are few ways in which you can avoid these things and relax and prepare for a swimming competition in the right way.

  1. Pay close attention to things that make you relaxed and focused

Different people have different things that make them relaxed and focused. For example, some people listen to music (loud or relaxing) while others prefer to perform some ritual before every competition or stay completely alone for few minutes. It is completely natural to feel excited before every competition. Try to make every next competition more important than the previous one. Take some time to have a chat with your friends, look for support and positive energy from your relatives. In other words, find the right way to relax in order to get the best results. Explore and try to find which method works the best for you.

  1. Don’t focus on your opponents

Many swimmers make the same mistake and they spend time analyzing their opponents during a swimming competition. After a while they start thinking that their rivals are better and more focused than them. This is especially true for young swimmers. They keep asking themselves whether they are properly prepared, whether the other swimmers will perform better etc. Try to eliminate these thoughts and focus all your energy on yourself because you’ve been training for a long time and there is no reason why you should fail.

  1. Focus on the process

No matter if you have arrived on the event in a bad mood, the temperature of the water doesn’t suit you, you have not consumed enough water or food, you should not lose your concentration and attention and you must focus only on the competition. Try to find some isolated area and clear up your mind, close your eyes and visualize yourself as a winner on that competition.

  1. Think about your last successful performance

Try to remember when your last successful performance on some competition was when you felt that you have achieved a good result. Try to analyze what was different and how you have acted before and during that event. Take a pen and write few things that you have done before every big competition and those things that you believe that were the ones responsible for your success. Try to develop a habit around these activities.

  1. Don’t forget the proper breathing

This is a really easy way to calm down in case you are anxious or too excited before your appearance. Simply, try to breathe deeply because in this way you will lower your blood pressure and normalize your heart rate.