How to Prevent Dehydration While Swimming

Dehydration is a serious issue that many people face in their lifetimes. This is a really sad condition of things because nowadays most everyone have the instant access to the cure to this malady. The fact of the matter is that most people overestimate themselves and their ability to go on for prolonged time without the use of water. This can easily lead to loss of fluids, especially in times of exertion of the body. And thus dehydration arises.

Now, dehydration is especially sneaky in the case of swimming. How so, you might ask? Well, it’s said among people that you really can’t get dehydrated while swimming, because you’re already in water and the body absorbs some of the water, making you immune to dehydration. This is of course an utter lie. Dehydration can arise everywhere, even if you’re immersed in water.

Well how can you protect yourself from it? Easy – drink water. Sometimes the solution is so simple and easy to implement that many people let it pass unseen in their consciousness. Before swimming make sure to drink adequate amount of water that will help you keep hydrated during the swimming experience. It’s also healthy to take a break every half an hour of swimming or so, in order to cool off and drink some water.

Whatever you do, do not try to drink from the water you’re swimming in. It can be treated with chemicals, or have salts in it, which can in turn make you even more dehydrated. Not only that, but the water may be impure, and make you sick. So always try to have a bottle of fresh, quality water at your side.

It’s important to notice the symptoms of dehydration. You’ll most often feel thirsty, and weak. You might get dizzy and your throat might get sore. You can faint as well. You’ll feel the urge to urinate, even though there won’t be much urine that you’ll produce. And moreover, the urine will be of a deep yellow color, and not light, if you’re dehydrated.

The thing with swimming is that water can trick your mind into thinking that you’re not thirsty, even when your body craves water. Seeing all the water around you your brain might think that you don’t really need water in the moment, seeing that there’s water all around you. But you’d do well to know better and be on alert for any feeling or inclination that you might by dehydrated.

Take these steps and you’ll enjoy swimming the way it’s meant to be enjoyed – risk free.