How to Make Swimming More Fun

Motivation is one of the most important things when it comes to developing a fitness routine. In order to stay motivate on each training and enjoy every swimming stroke, besides constant progress it is crucial to have certain amount of fun that can provide extra motivation. If you want to get that you can use many different strategies and some of the most effective ones are described in this article.

Learn more about different swimming styles

First and foremost, by learning few different swimming styles in addition to making the training process more interesting, you will also give yourself an opportunity to acquire new skills, view swimming from different perspective and get an opportunity to master certain swimming techniques that will make your training sessions easier.

Don’t push your limits at the start of a training session

Moderate swimming at the start of your training will allow you to warm up properly and give some space to your muscles and joints to stretch and relax in order to move smoothly in the water. However, if you start your training right away and practice fast swimming you may end up without the desired results and a feeling of exhaustion.

Don’t be afraid to test some things

This may sound a little bit odd, but by testing and experimenting in the water and trying different movements and skills advised and monitored by a professional swimming coach, you will stay motivated and inspired, you will acquire new skills and stay focused all the time.

Spend some time studying

Just like you go to school to learn new information in different areas, it is also very important to observe other more experienced swimmers, check their training routine and nutrition over the Internet, find some books and articles about swimming and find anything that can help you master this incredible sport.

Prepare yourself for the next training

Try to learn something new and useful every day. Although this may sound like an advice that teachers and parents give to their children, keep in mind that preparation for a training (analyzing the things your trainer told you, looking at your own swimming style and planning a way in which you will solve some problems or fix your swimming style) provides a chance to advance faster on your trainings and keep your focus every time you start with your routine.

Pay particular attention to a single aspect of swimming

Every time you finish your training, focus on the words of your trainer regarding your swimming technique. Depending on the swimming aspects you need to pay closer attention to, try to separate one single aspect and try to fix it during the next training. When you overcome this problem, choose another aspect and work on it. In this way you will encourage your creativity and find more fun and adequate solution for the obstacles you will encounter during training.


Try to make new friendships and support your friends during each training, making the whole process more interesting and challenging.