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Welcome to Avantis Swimming Academy!

Here you will find exciting news, updates and answers to all your questions about Avantis.

At Avantis we love swimming and that’s what we do best. We strive on working with families like yours to pass on the joys and thrills of both recreational and competitive swimming. We get fulfillment and gratification from seeing our students flourish by investing time, energy, and care into each and every individual.

When your child attends Avantis Summer Camps NYC or Sleepaway Camps in New York you can be assured that they will receive the best of care and instruction during their time with us. We provide a well-rounded and balanced program that promotes the growth and health of the entire student including their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

It is our goal for each student to become a strong and confident swimmer, feeling as at home in the water as they do on dry land. We have a phenomenal (Day Camps NYC and New York Summer Camp) Program for swimmers of all levels and ages, including one on one personalized coaching.