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How to Deal With Swimming Injuries

Getting involved in sports activity can be a really interesting and healthy physical activity, but it also increases the chances of injuries and although swimming is a sport that takes place in water, it is not an exception when it … Continue reading

How to Stay Relaxed Before a Competition

Relaxation starts much earlier before you put your swimming suit on and start swimming. Both your physical and mental preparation before the competition starts plays a vital role to your overall success on these competitions. After all, it is a … Continue reading

A Guide to Recovery After Swimming Training

Many people feel tired and exhausted after an intensive swimming training and this is not a surprise because swimming activates all muscles in our body. Luckily, the feeling of exhaustion and tiredness should not be a reason for concern because … Continue reading

How to Make Swimming More Fun

Motivation is one of the most important things when it comes to developing a fitness routine. In order to stay motivate on each training and enjoy every swimming stroke, besides constant progress it is crucial to have certain amount of … Continue reading

A Basic Guide to Swimming

A Basic Guide to Swimming Swimming is a very simple, yet effective form of exercise. You don’t need some special equipment in order to swim and you can do this during the entire year and in return, your body will … Continue reading

Swimming – a sport that can strengthen both your body and your mind

Swimming is a human activity that exists since ancient times. Even people who lived in the Stone Age have “recorded” this activity in the form of images in the caves where they lived. The first written record related to swimming … Continue reading

The Difference between Swimming Styles

As you are probably aware, there is more than one swimming style and each of these styles comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. The following is a shortlist of the most popular swimming styles and their characteristics. Breaststroke This … Continue reading

Staten Island’s Avantis swim offering pair of scholarships

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — If you live in this borough, you live on an island. And anyone who lives on an island — no matter how large — must know how to swim. There are plenty of places to learn. … Continue reading

Swimming Instructors is a key to Success!

Swimming Instructors is a key to Success! 3 Qualities of a good swim instructor Swimming is one of those activities that is hard to learn on your own. It takes a serious instructor willing to not only tell you how … Continue reading

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Adult Swimming Lessons NYC

Adults will find that swimming is the best way to exercise because compared to other workouts there is less stress placed on the body’s muscles and joints. Adult swimming lessons NYC (click here) provides stretching exercises, flexible training, strength building, … Continue reading