Avantis Summer Swim Day Camp

If you are looking for a Staten island day camp you should consider the Avantis Summer Swim Day Camp. Avantis has a multifaceted program for your child which addresses the whole child. The Avantis Summer Day Camp has a major focus of teaching and improving, swimming skills, and developing the physical body, but the camp includes much more. They aren’t just turning out young athletes, they focus on the whole, healthy, child. In addition to improving swimming skills, the Avantis staff conduct other activities, designed to improve self confidence, creativity, teamwork, and appreciation of the world of nature. Day camp gives your child a chance learn new activities, make new friends and build a strong foundation for later experiences away from home. The staff members, gently challenge the campers to do new things, and help them to make good, independent choices. They have fun, just being kids in a safe environment, trying new activities, and learning new skills, when they go home at night, they will be stronger, and happier children, excited to share their new experiences with their families.
A healthy, non junk food meal is provided, along with juice, fruit, and other healthy snacks. The highly trained, Avantis professional staff works individually with each child, helping him to become a better swimmer, and to help develop a balanced, healthy, successful life. The goal is to help the children become better swimmers, and develop skills that will carry over into all aspects of their lives to become successful, self confident, strong individuals, who can be the best they can be.
The Avantis Summer Swim Day Camp is designed to help kids train and develop swimming skills, and to develop skills to reach their highest potential as a well rounded individual. Children learn at their own pace, and the staff makes sure they feel good about themselves. Children learn new activities, make new friends, and strengthen their swimming skills, and bodies at the same time. The kids have fun, but learn important life lessons in the process, with the expert guidance of the well trained staff at this Staten island day camp.