At Avantis we pride ourselves on our professionalism and superior training. Part of being the best is being willing to listen to our swimmers. We always welcome your comments, questions or feedback. Of course we believe that Avantis Swimming Academy is the best around, but don’t just take our word for it. Look at what other parents and even students have said about their own experiences with our program and coaches.

Susan P.

Jonathan C.
  • “Swim Program: I have to tell you my daughter has only been to 1 lesson, but we are so impressed! She cried on Sunday when she found out she could not go to her lesson because of the water main brake. She is looking forward to her next lesson and talks about it daily! Will get my son signed back up for the next session…he loved it there as well…you have a great swim program there! I am telling everybody! :)”
    Lynn Giordano

  • “I am extending great thanks to you for my son, who had an opportunity to work with you. He learned many things that he’ll take with him into his future plans. You capitalized on his potential and strengths, boosting his sometimes withered self-esteem. You encouraged him to work hard and achieve more. You believed in my son from the beginning and even more now. Thanks for a great job! I feel that my son has developed self-esteem and love for swimming under your coaching and guidance. Thank you for all the time and effort. You made a tremendous difference in my son’s life!”
    Reveca and Michel

  • “Our 8-year-old son Gabriel went on the most rewarding journey with swim coach Nikolay, who is simply the best! Our son entered the pool deck unable to concentrate and afraid of the water! With Nikolay’s great dedication and hard work, he developed great concentration and coordination skills, as well as unconditional love and commitment for the great sport of swimming. Since then, our son has accomplished major results and earned medals since. Our family is proudly looking forward to the great prospects in the world of swimming!”
    Rima and Oleg Vaynshteyn

  • “No words are enough to express my gratitude and thankfulness for Nikolay. At the age of 30 I never expected that I would be able to overcome my inhibitions and successfully master the art of swimming. Had it not been for him my long cherished dream would never have been fulfilled. When I came to Avantis Swimming Academy I was a bundle of nerves. But there was a definite urge to learn. Nikolay got a clear inkling of what was going on in my mind. He put me at complete ease and instilled in me a remarkable confidence which perhaps an instructor of his stature can only do. Amazing Nikolay! A million thanks to you for making my dream come true.”
    Sean Joseph

  • “My son was only 10 years old when he started putting on weight. I was really worried and took him to the doctor who advised a series of tests. Though the results were normal, the doctor strictly told him to reduce weight. I tried all means including cutting down on his fat intake. But to no avail. He didn’t lose a single kilo and I was completely at my wits’ end. It was at this point of time that a friend told me about Avantis Swimming Academy. I brought my son here and met Nikolay. I didn’t know how comfortable my son would be in water given his increased weight. But Nikolay made everything so easy for him. I was amazed to see my son cruise smoothly in water within a month. When I took him to the doctor again he was surprise to find him leaner by 5 kilograms. Thank you so much Nikolay. May God Bless You!”
    Mary Timberlake

  • “Nikolay, you have really given me a new lease of life. I feel so rejuvenated and energized. Before coming here I had no idea that swimming could actually do wonders. You are a genius and above everything else a great human being. Your coaching is superb especially the way you taught me the backstrokes. I always told you that I am here to learn swimming for fun and not for sport. So why should I learn the backstrokes. But you kept telling me just learn the tricks and see how much more fun swimming can be. I am so happy that I listened to you. Swimming is not just an activity for me now. It is a great stress reliever and a wonderful source of entertainment. Moreover, it also keeps me in fine fettle and all credit goes to the one and only Nikolay.”
    Neel Gustavo

  • “I have never seen a more dedicated coach like him. He rigorously trained me in all aspects of swimming be it butterfly, backstroke, crawl, sidestroke, freestyle, you just name it and he knows it all. He is a master swimmer and I dedicate all the accolades that I have won so far in my career to Nikolay Sir. Keep up the good work”
    Patrick Matthew

  • “We are amazed to see the difference in our childrens’ level of concentration. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Avantis Swimming Academy. I chose them over any other swimming club because of their reputation as one of the best swimming academies in town. I am overwhelmed that they have lived up to our expectations. The time, care and effort they invest in every child is unparalleled. My husband and my aim was not to see our children become swimming champions. But we of course wanted to witness an all-round development and today we are very happy that our wish has been fulfilled.”
    Mr and Mrs Wright

  • “Nikolay was able to get my daughter from scratch to advanced level in competitive swimming. Most importantly, he is the role model and inspirational figure for my child, full of positive motivation, endless kindness, and positive drive of genuine sportsmanship.”
    Doctor Gershkowitz

  • “Nikolay is one of the most driven, motivated and focused individuals, that I have ever met. As a coach, he is the Best!!! He is kind, respectful and tough; he not only works in making you a good swimmer, but also works with your mind and body so you could excel. I’m a completely different person today than I was before training with him. Thanks to Nikolay, I will be doing my third Triathlon at the end of the month. It’s important to know, that I’m a “Grammy” and if Nikolay, could change my life, you could imagine what he could do with young kids.”
    Norma Lee