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Staten Island Day Camp

Avantis Swimming Academy is the number one Staten Island day camp

A Staten Island day camp and Staten Island Summer camp for all ages with activities such as swimming.

At Avantis we love swimming and that's what we do best. We strive on working with families like yours to pass on the joys and thrills of both recreational and competitive swimming. We get fulfillment and gratification from seeing our students flourish by investing time, energy, and care into each and every individual.


Our OFFICE hours are as follows:
Monday through Friday (12PM - 6PM)
Saturday & Sunday - Our office is Closed

Our Pool hours at OYM (475 Victory Blvd, SI NY)
Thursdays: 6:10pm - 8:10pm
Fridays: 7:10pm - 9:10pm
Sundays: 3:00pm - 5:30pm

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Our services:

Avantis Summer Camp and Day Camp Staten Island / NYC

We have phenomenal Day Camp in Staten Island / NYC and a Summer Camp program for swimmers of all levels and ages. When your child attends an Avantis Summer Camps NYC or Sleepaway Camp in Staten Island / New York you can be assured that they will receive the best care and instruction during their time with us. We provide a well-rounded and balanced program that promotes the growth and health of the entire student; including their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Check out our programs and schedules right here online.

Swimming News

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    Chuck Wielgus Leaves Behind Monumental Legacy
    Posted on Wednesday April 26, 2017

    In a news release announcing his retirement from USA Swimming earlier this year, Chuck Wielgus sa...

    Schaller: Chuck Wielgus Was a Friend, Mentor
    Posted on Tuesday April 25, 2017

    Bob Schaller has been a contributor for USA Swimming’s Splash magazine and USASwimming.org for about two decades now – almost as long as Chuck Wielgus was the organization’s executive director. Schaller writes about his relationship with Chuck over the years, and about the indelible mark Chuck made on USA Swimming.

    USA Swimming CMO Matt Farrell's Personal Thoughts on the Passing of USA Swimming’s Chuck Wielgus
    Posted on Monday April 24, 2017

    USA Swimming announced on Sunday the sad news of the passing of Chuck Wielgus. He was a friend, mentor and great leader. I remember vividly the day 10 years ago when a group huddled in his office and he shared that he was diagnosed with cancer. He delivered the news straight, almost like he was sharing what he did that weekend. He didn’t want sympathy and sure as heck didn’t want us to treat him any differently. And we didn’t.

    Remembering Chuck Wielgus
    Posted on Monday April 24, 2017